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Time for a change

Did you notice I changed the layout again. Well it is summer and I thought a change would be good. This template is called "Snapshot Tequila" Fun wouldn't you say.

Parents 50th wedding anniversary in San Diego!

Ed and Barbara (my parents) Miguel,Brian,William,Morgan and Grant Finally, some pictures from San Diego. Unfortunately I had some camera trouble, I know! We went to San Diego over the weekend of May 24th for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. We stayed at the Bahia resort in Mission bay. My parents, sister and her boys met us (Brain and I and the boys) there for a few days. We all went to Sea World on Friday, my mom and her friend Melissa did the interactive program with the dolphins. On Saturday we just relaxed around the pool and then went to dinner in the evening to celebrate the anniversary... The boys discovered Jelly fish in the bay at the resort... All in all it was a great trip....