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Aaron and Julia were actually married April 19, 2008. I had an idea and was talking about it with my friend Heather and we decided that Aaron and Julia would be perfect for this photo shoot and yes they were. This beautiful dress is Heather's and we wanted to do something fun with it. So Julia agreed to let us dress here up, I should say so did Aaron (he was a trooper) and we went and took some fun romantic pictures. I've known Aaron since he was a young man, didn't he grow up to be a looker. Julia is a natural beauty. The two of them together are sweet and romantic. I have to give a shout out to Rita for putting this beautiful bouquet together for us. I told her my vision in a email and she was dead on. Courtney (my son's friend) did Julia's hair for me. We had fun gabbing, we did end up starting a little late. I felt like I was 17 all over again. Misti came along to shoot as well. It was a great way to spend Sunday afternoon.