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Fun with Chris and Christina!

I had been looking forward to doing Chris and Christina's engagement pictures, for I knew it would be a fun shoot. When they showed up I was so happy, they looked like they just stepped out of a J. Crew catalog. Now anyone who knows me knows that I love to look at J. Crew for ideas, plus I love the cloths. OK back to Chris and Christina! They are so adorable and just look at how breathtaking Christina is! They will be getting married on March 13 of this year. But get this we are meeting about a week before the wedding to take all the wedding formals. Anywhere we want to go. How exciting. I know. So this first shot is a pose idea from the J. Crew. ;-) While looking around for a place to take pictures I found a pile of leaves. What a great place for pictures. This next image has a filter on it called "Vintage 1973" Not sure why that year? Do you like? This black and white has a eairy feeling to it, don't you think? Now this is fun stuff. Can't wait for the wedding.