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Bryan and Rebecca

 I'm so excited to be photographing Bryan and Rebecca's wedding in November.  They are such a sweet couple.  Me being the photographer for their wedding all happened by chance.  I went into the UPS store that I always use to mail stuff one morning and Rebecca was working. She was a new face and I noticed a sparkly engagement ring.  I never solicite  myself but for some reason I had to ask Rebecca when her wedding was and if she had a photographer yet.  Wedding: November Photographer: NO...  so I handed her a business card and told her to check out my website.  It was meant to be.  I've yet to see her at that UPS store location since.;-)  Rebecca is so beautiful and such a sweet girl.    Here is Rebecca and Bryan's story in her words: Bryan and I met 8 years ago.  We joined our high school youth group the summer before we began freshman year.  We immediately became best friends and stayed c