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A Family Wedding in Rocky Point Mexico

 I remember when Chris (my husband's cousin) and Crystal came over on Christmas day and said they were engaged!!  We were so happy for both of them.  I know at that moment several of us said "get married in Mexico".  You see Mexico is our favorite place.  We go several times a year to unwind and enjoy the ocean.  It is about a 4 to 5 hour drive.  Where we go is called Puerto Penasco most commonly called Rocky Point.  I understand a lot people are a little stand offish when thinking of going to Mexico.  I myself can get a little nervous the day before going and find myself praying that every thing goes smoothly.  Once we get down to the beach we completely relax and have a wonderful time.  Rocky Point beach is warm and there amazing sand bars once the tide goes out and that was our vision for Chris and Crystal.  I do want to mention that we have never encounter anything bad or strange while in Mexico but a great time.  This big beautiful beach house is where the wedding