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Love Beems Between Holly and Derrick at DC Ranch

 Wow, did I love shooting this wedding! Why?  Holly is gorgeous, Derrick is handsome, the colors are amazing, the venue is a photographers dream, DJ was outstanding, need I go on?  Holly and Derrick were married at Regale in Scottsdale. This wedding ran like clock work, actually Holly was ready early!!!  Which allowed us lots of time to take advantage of the grounds around Regale. All the colors were so stunning together.  Then the groomsmen were ready on time!!  Again allowed us lots of time to take some great pictures of them.  Mark Sanchez did a great job as the DJ for this event.   What is a wedding without Champagne.  Holly's sister/bridesmaid was put in charge of opening the champagne bottle.  She handled it like a pro.  REALLY, look at these ladies!  A very stunning group.  This lil love seat is not mine, we stumbled upon it.  It was sitting in the perf