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Danyel and John's Fabulous Sedona Engagement Shoot

 I had so much fun with Danyel and John in Sedona.  My last engagement shoot of 2016.  As you know winter is off to a good start in AZ with snow and rain which made for muddy conditions in Sedona.  Danyel and John were troopers, jumping across the stream, walking across a tree to get to the other side of the creek, walking in flowing mud and laying down in damp fall leaves.  Anything I asked them to do they did which made for beautiful engagement pictures!  I've established how easy going and fun they are and as you can see what a beautiful couple they make.  I need to mention how intelligent they both are! I really enjoyed talking to them about their education and their goals for the future.  Super excited for Danyel and john and with the future holds for them together.   John and Danyel met their Junior year of high school at Liberty (August 2010) through the National Honor Society. One of their mutual friends introduced them at the Parent-Teacher night. They had a few cl