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Jay and Nina's Fabulous Wedding At The AZ Jewish Historical Society

I can not express how much I loved this couple and wedding!  It was such a fabulous day and experience.  Jay and Nina are so stinking cute together, I could take pictures of them all day!  It was my first time at the Arizona Jewish Historical Society and I am now in love with this venue.  I asked Nina if she could tell me little of how her and Jay met.  She emailed me Jay's version and it was written so perfectly I couldn't rewrite it, so here is Jay's version. Happy hour became the happiest of hours at the culmination of a few flirty messages and a single engaging phone call.  Nina walked into the restaurant hoping that Jay didn't turn into a pumpkin once detached from his internet charm.  Jay watched and allowed Nina to wander around the bar searching for him as he sipped his beer.  Neither of them had any idea that this unlikely combination of sass and tomfoolery would eventually lead to the alter.  Nevertheless the chemistry was nearly instantaneous, and wi