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Edward and Diandra Wedding Bliss

Edward and Diandra were married at the Raven in Verrado . It was my first time there and let me tell you what a fantastic venue the Raven is. Very beautiful, spacious and a wonderful staff. Megan was with Diandra all day making sure everything was going as planned. I have to say that Diandra is one of the most organized bride's I've worked with in a long time. She knew exactly what she wanted and how the wedding should take place. What a well thought out wedding it was. Everything was beautiful, all the little details of blue were just perfect. Edward seeing his bride for the first time! His happy emotion made me tear up! Every time he look at Diandra he was beaming. Their exuberance together was contagious. Lots of tears and smiles during the first moment when Edward saw Diandra. Along with when he watched her walk down the isle to be his wife. Very touching. Diandra was really hoping for a sunset, but instead we had this beautiful full moon. Off to the reception with lots