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Love in Morro Bay

 A couple weeks ago I was able to go home and photograph my Nephews wedding on the Central Coast.  It was such an honor to be able to capture this amazing day for Keith and Alisha!  What a wonderful time visiting with family that I do not get to see to often.  Everything was perfect for Keith and Alisha! What a beautiful couple they make.  Here is how Keith and Alisha's journey to this day started. Keith and I have "known" each other since before we were born.  Our dads were working on the same job while our moms were pregnant with us.  Keith was born two months and three days before me, but our parents had no idea we'd ever end up together.   Growing up, Keith and I attended different elementary schools and according to my parents, I didn't like to play with Keith because he wouldn't share his toys (he shares much better now, don't worry).  Even though we would eventually attend the same middle and high schools, Keith and I ran in different so