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Pumpkin Update

I think most of you know we live rather out in the desert, which makes it a bit of a challenge to grow flowers in my courtyard, the critters always come in and eat everything. We planted the pumpkins in the backyard in a tall planter and put some wire over them to keep our dog out. I didn't think critters would get to them for we have the dog. Well something got into our pumpkins yesterday. It very well could have been our dog Sissy, we are not sure. So today I will have Brian put a chicken wire over them and see if it helps. I was very upset this morning when I saw our pumpkins! I will keep you posted..

Martin and Anna Were Married

Martin and Anna are such a sweet couple! The way Martin looks at Anna~true love in-deed!! They were married at the Wright House in Mesa. I loved the lighting at this wedding, it was so beautiful and Martin looked so handsome in his white tux.. Martin and Anna were so relaxed and just happy to be getting married. Another happy couple out there in the world:-)

Growing Pumpkins

My youngest son William (7) and I planted some pumpkin seeds on July 12th. Our Uncle Sam said if we plant them in July we would have pumpkins in October. Wow, look at what we have so far and its only been a little over a week. This is very exciting stuff for William and I, we have not ever grown anything like this before. We have to put a wire over the pumpkins to keep our dog from digging them up. I will continue to post our progress.

Kade and Courtney

Kade and Courtney are getting married in San Diego over Thanksgiving weekend. They are such a beautiful couple, so trendy! Check out Courtney's shoes, "love them". We had fun taking their engagement pictures! We went over to the Capitol Grill in Scottsdale, they have a great courtyard area for pictures!