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Fun Engagement Shoot in Flagstaff

Jeremy and Vanessa truly met on a blind date! To make it even better it was on Valentines Day! Jeremy's cousin's fiance set them up. This was her first time at match making. When I say truly a blind date, they did not talk, text, email before the date. Jeremy went into it without even knowing how incredible beautiful Vanessa was!! I'd say someone has some good match up skills for Jeremy and Vanessa have been together ever since and will say "I do" on the beach in San Diego in October. Jeremy and Vanessa wanted to do their engagement pictures up north, hopefully with some wildflowers. Well the only flowers we could find wild or not were at NAU campus. Which was just fine for these two alumni's from NAU!! When talking about taking pictures in Flagstaff I had a few ideas of my own. My family spends a lot of time up north and I knew of this old abandoned grocery store and suggested we stop there.. Every time I would drive past it I would think that I would love

First Time at Firerock Country Club

Meet Ryan and Kate, from North Carolina. Yes they had a destination wedding here in Fountain Hills AZ. This is the first viewing of Kate by Ryan, it was such a sweet moment. Ryan and Kate choose to get married at Firerock Country Club in Fountain Hills. Now this is my first time at this venue and I was super excited to be there. What a beautiful view Firerock has. If I can give any couple planning a wedding advice I would suggest you not let the fact that a vendor has not been to your venue of choice stop you from using their services. Especially with photography. What is most important is that you are comfortable with your photographer for you are with them most of the day and that you like their style. A professional photographer will not have any problems at a new venue. Takes a few minutes to look around to decide on best lighting and location. If it is the vendors first time (photographer) ask them to meet you there a week before the wedding at the time you will be taking pictur