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Scarlett is Going to be a Big Sister!

 I'm so excited for Miss Scarlett, she is going to be a big sister!  I've had the pleasure of photographing Jessica and Jeremy and their growing family for over two years now.  Starting with Jessica's maternity shoot when she was pregnant with Scarlett.  I have to say that being a mom agrees with Jessica.  Every time I see her she is just glowing with happiness.  Soon there will be another little girl in the mix, can't wait to meet Ella!

Fun Downtown Phoenix Engagement Shoot With Jennelle and David

 Jennelle and David had a vision for their engagement pictures and wanted to know if I could help make it happen.  Have you ever seen the AMC show Mad Men?  That is the feel Jennelle and David wanted to express throughout their engagement pictures.  I had not ever seen it, so I googled Mad Men right away to see what the feel was that they were looking for.  I think we nailed it and had a blast.  My first thought was Durants , this restaurant has been in Phoenix for over 60 years and is very authentic to it's time period.  Durants was kind enough to let us shoot inside their beautiful restaurant an hour before they opened.  I do have to say if you have not eaten there you should. The food is excellent and the atmosphere is amazing.  After Durants we went to the  downtown Phoenix area to take more pictues.  I had so much fun with Jennelle and David, they photograph beautifully.  This engagement session was different for me, I welcomed the challenge.  Jennelle and David thank you fo