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Love on a Wednesday Afternoon at Encanterra Between Michelle and Frank!

 "love on a Wednesday afternoon" I love saying that!  That is what it was on Wednesday Sept 30th between Michelle and Frank.  That is when they declared their love for each other in front of their friends and family.  It was a beautiful day for a wedding at Encanterra .  Michelle and Frank wear their love for each other on their sleeve.  All the little glances and smiles at each other.  I love how they met.  Here is Michelle and Franks story in their own words: It all began during one evening in a Denver suburb. We met at a restaurant by coincidence... or maybe something more. Neither one of us was looking for the other, but it is funny how these things happen.  [F]: She was sitting alone, maybe waiting for something... I could hear her talking to a few people. She looked like a local, which was cool because I was from out of town. It is never easy to be in an unfamiliar place. I first spoke to her to get an idea about the area… and, maybe I was a little curious about her