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~ Cade is Here ~

FIRST CAME LOVE................................. THEN CAME MARRIAGE.................................. THEN COMES BABY.......................................... IN A BABY CARRIAGE......................... Meet Cade, Mark and Candace's newest addition to their family. I am the lucky photographer that had the honor of shooting Mark and Candace's wedding in February 2009, then their new baby now! Cade is a little over 3 weeks, already a very strong little man. He was a piece of cake to photograph, just went with it. I think he is beautiful:-) The biggest compliment in my business is a repeat client. Mark and Candace thank you so much for allowing me once again to be a part of such a special time in your life! Your family has a special place in my heart always

Total Cuteness

So I did the math and I must have told Joey and Faressa they are cute at least 25 times or more. When I would look through my camera lens that was my thought over and over again. I had so much fun shooting their engagement pictures in the downtown Phoenix area. We started at 6:00 am and it was still a little bit on the HOT and Humid side. Joey and Faressa will be getting married next February. Wedding date is currently a mystery! Wont this make a cute save the date card, well when they reveal the wedding date. The next two images are some of my favorites from the morning. I love this image with the Cub shirts. Big baseball fans and football fans. Faressa wears the team shirts well, wouldn't you say? Can't wait for their wedding. Such a cute couple with lots of style!

TRASH the Dress!

This has to be one of the best time's I've had photographing a subject! The beautiful Christina, my bride from this past March 13th was not afraid to get wet and dirty and that is exactly what she did. We took these pictures at the beach in San Diego. One of the most beautiful sunsets ever. I can not express how much fun this was. I had friends watching us and one of them, Nancy took pictures of me taking pictures of Christina. I posted them in order of Christina walking into the ocean, getting wet and then walking out. Fun, fun, fun... If your a bride and want to take pictures like this, let me know I am game. I got so involved in the shoot and was having so much fun I didn't even notice how wet I had gotten myself until I was done. Christina thank you for being such a good sport. You should post on my fb and let me know if it was worth it for other brides to see.. Nancy thanks for the pictures of myself, see I was there.