TRASH the Dress!

This has to be one of the best time's I've had photographing a subject! The beautiful Christina, my bride from this past March 13th was not afraid to get wet and dirty and that is exactly what she did. We took these pictures at the beach in San Diego. One of the most beautiful sunsets ever. I can not express how much fun this was. I had friends watching us and one of them, Nancy took pictures of me taking pictures of Christina. I posted them in order of Christina walking into the ocean, getting wet and then walking out. Fun, fun, fun...
If your a bride and want to take pictures like this, let me know I am game. I got so involved in the shoot and was having so much fun I didn't even notice how wet I had gotten myself until I was done. Christina thank you for being such a good sport. You should post on my fb and let me know if it was worth it for other brides to see.. Nancy thanks for the pictures of myself, see I was there.


Tracy said…
These are awesome Mary! Even Bill liked them, and he is a tough critic! My favorite is the 8th photo posted. I will email it to you. Great job-- I am green with envy!
AW said…
I would love to do something like I only have to fit back in my wedding dress!!
fun! hope that wasn't a bob mackey!

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