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~They Do Grow Up~

Meet super sweet, beautiful Alex! She is a senior this year and I am lucky enough to to know her personally and to take her senior portraits. You see Alex and my Son Miguel have gone to the same school's together since first grade. Over the years Miguel and Alex grew to best of friends and now they are all grown up and graduating high school (tear, tear). Alex, her mom Joann and I went to the Mesa Art Center to take her pictures, we had so much fun. Look at how her green eyes match the green bench in this next pictures. Stunning. Joann and I were talking about how we can't believe our children are seniors this year, it goes so fast. Alex plans to go to NAU and study Environmental Science, not only is she beautiful she is intelligent. Once again I had the best time Alex, thank you so much!! I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for you. You are a very special young lady.:-)