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~ Dan and Stephanie ~

Dan and Stephanie got Married!! I was so looking forward to their wedding. I fell in love with them while doing their engagement pictures. Such a grounded, smart and adorable couple.... They were married at the Hilton Scottsdale on November 14, 2008. It was a beautiful wedding. Everyone had a great time. I was lucky enough to have my friend Tracy Kreck come with me to shoot. She got some great images. I wish Dan and Stephanie many, many years of happiness..


I love to read and this summer I stumbled upon the Twilight series. I started reading them (there are four books to the series) while on vacation in Hawaii. Within minutes of reading I was hooked. Like I said I love to read and it has been a long time since I've enjoyed a book so much!! Not only did I love the books so did my boys Miguel and Morgan. I highly recommend reading the Twilight series and then go see the movie ... Yes the movie is out in theaters now. Brian and I took Miguel and Morgan to the midnight showing of it this past Thursday. I loved it... I felt that they did a great job with casting the roles. The gal that played Alice was perfect, don't you think? O.K. the one thing that could have been done better was the makeup, it did seem to get better towards the end of the movie. Hey did you know that Peter Facinelli ~ Dr Carlisle Cullen is Jennie Garths husband...