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Adrian and Candace are Having a Baby

Adrian and Candace were married on Valentine's day 2009 and now they are expecting their first child. When Candace called me to schedule maternity pictures I was thrilled, they are a beautiful couple. When I did their engagement pictures I saw right away how comfortable Adrian and Candace were with each other even with the camera on them. Their love just shined through. With that being said I knew it would be the same way with the maternity pictures and it was! Can I mention that I think Candace and Adrian appear to be more in love then ever and more gorgeous then the first time I met them. Is it possible, I say yes, it must be the glow of having their first child together. Candace Is a stunning mother to be. I love this series of images. What appear to be little yellow flowers are actually weeds with stickers. Adrian being the gentlemen that he is carried his pregnant wife so she wouldn't get any stickers in her