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Nathan and Mackenzie Get Married at Shenandoah Mill

 Talk about your feel good couple that you are just non stop smiling while taking their pictures. That would be Nathan and Mackenzie!  They just got married at Shenandoah Mill a couple weeks back.  This is such a great rustic venue.  I always do a little black and white while editing each wedding but this wedding just seemed like it should be black and white.  It was a perfectly beautiful wedding.  There is so much love and chemistry between this couple that one could not take a bad picture.  Nathan and Mackenzie were troopers to be able to look so relaxed and happy even though it was rather hot (wedding at the end of June in AZ, enough said) and a dust storm decided to blow in while taking their formal pictures.  They had to run in for a few minutes and take cover to get out of the dust but as soon as most of it passed they came back out to finish up.  It sounds like it was love at first sight and I believe it.  Everything about them fits!