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Audrena and Emily

Meet Audrena and Emily! The two cutest babies ever. I know I am partial since these little sweet peas are related. The two little babies are cousins. They both came early and were so tiny (still are ;-)) So Audrena was more of a diva while taking pictures where Emily just slept through all the picture taking. The first baby is Audrena, then there is one picture of the two of them and Emily, sleeping.

Brian and Cassie Engagement Pictures in Fountain Hills

Cassie and Brian had chosen to do their engagement pictures at the Fountain in Fountain Hills. I've shot there before, but it had been a while. Whenever I am there I think "wow this place is a great park for photography". When I saw Cassie I was thrilled with the outfit she chose to wear. She looked very classy, love the shoes. People are catching on that I like shoes:-) Brian wasn't looking to bad himself. Brian and Cassie make a very nice looking couple. While taking pictures in front of the fountain we noticed a rainbow, you can see it in this first picture. Brian and Cassie will be getting married next March, you can read more about them on my engagement page on my website. I am looking forward to their wedding! Oh yeah the ring shot at the bottom was Cassie's idea.. Love creative brides.