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Jessica and Andy Made it Official at Little America Flagstaff

 Misti and I left Jessica and Andy's Flagstaff wedding with big smiles stating what a great wedding it was and a great way to start of the new year.  It truly was!  Everyone was so kind and so much fun.  Jessica and Andy are sooo darn cute together, so happy and all smiles.  We loved watching them interact together especially at the reception.  Dance, dance, dance all night!  Jessica and Andy had their wedding and reception at Little America Hotel in Flagstaff.  This was my first time at Little America for an event.  What a fabulous place to have a wedding.  Everything was ready and on time from ceremony to reception.  Top notch venue for sure.  I asked Jessica if she could tell a little bit of how her and Andy met.  Here is their story in her words: Andy & I met at the UofA in microbiology class...he was actually re-taking the class & I had just transferred to that school so it was a funny coincidence we were even in the same class. We were introduced by a mutual