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Greer with Tim and Michaela!

On June 23,2007 I was lucky enough to go up to Greer and photograph Tim and Michaela's wedding. They are such a special couple. After doing their engagement pictures I knew that we would have a great time in Greer. Michaela was just gorgeous not to mention a trooper, she got down and dirty (I think she will be happy with the results). They are so cute together and you feel how much in love they are when you are around them. My family came along with me and did some fishing while I was working. My oldest son caught a trout in which we cooked up and ate once we got home. Greer is a beautiful part of Arizona. If you ever have a chance to get up there I recommend it. Thank you Tim and Michaela for allowing me to photograph your wedding and for the chance to show my family a part of Arizona we have not seen yet....