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New Years Eve wedding!!

Patrick and Cindy were married on New Years Eve! When Cindy called to talk to me about her wedding I told her I usually will not book New Years Eve. I have in the past and I find I miss my family. Cindy mentioned she only needed someone for a few hours and it started early. So I said yes and am I glad I did. Such a sweet couple!! They were married at the Camelback Inn and Resort. Very small and intimate, just family and close friends. They chose the Camelback Inn for the view of Camelback mountain, Cindy use to hike the mountain when she lived here in Phoenix. When I was done they invited me to come back with my husband and hang, Cindy even offered a cab ride home. I didn't make it back but how nice of them to offer. Once again am I the luckiest person in the world or what? I love my job!! Thank you Patrick and Cindy, I wish you all the best! Check out the dress and shoe's, GORGEOUS Cindy making sure she looks beautiful, in which she does!! Camelback mountain! This