Monday, July 12, 2010

~Welcome to Lake Tahoe~

My most recent destination wedding was at beautiful Lake Tahoe at the Hyatt Regency. I had the honor to photograph Erick and Gina's wedding on July 6. A little background: Gina has a salon called Images by Gina, in which my father-in-law has been going to her for several years to get his hair cut. Well when he heard Gina and Erick were engaged he mentioned to Gina that I was a wedding photographer and as you can see the rest is history. This first picture is Lake Tahoe!

When I met with Erick and Gina one thing I noticed was how affectionate with each other they were, even in front of me. The way Erick would look at Gina was as if no one else was around. She is his princess. With that being said I knew going to shoot this wedding would require little prompting on my part. This couple has magic! This little gal below is Charlotte, Erick's daughter. She would call Gina,mama Gina.. It was so sweet.

Gina is ready to walk down the isle to marry her man Erick. Isn't she lovely comes to mind. Gina looked like a princess, just dazzling. Erick looked like the prince that he is.

Just for fun lets put some money in the machine, and popped up 777. What luck, this couple is meant to be.

Don't worry Gina isn't running away from Erick, she is running to start their future together, one that will be filled with love and adventure. This couple was so much fun to work with and so very kind to me and Tracy but also each other. Tracy Kreck went with me to help shoot the wedding, a big help she was. I just had the best time being a part of this wedding. Lake Tahoe was relaxing and breathtaking. To stay outside as long as possible was the goal. A refreshing change from Phoenix. Thank you so much Erick and Gina, I adore you both!