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Hilary and Travis Married at JW Marriott at Desert Ridge

 What can I say about Hilary and Travis, that they are so darn adorable together and I loved working with them!  A very good friend of mine sent Hilary and Travis my way and I am so grateful she did.  What a kind, cute, intelligent and fun loving couple!  I do have to be honest the day after their wedding I woke up in a bit of a panic hoping everyone would be happy with the end result.  I wouldn't want to let my good friend down.  Hilary and Travis were married at JW Marriott at Desert Ridge , a fabulous resort!  Everything was flawless!  I wold love to share with you how Hilary and Travis met in Hilary's words: Travis and I met due to several circumstances aligning. My college roommate Brianna and Travis were taking a choir class together at NAU - they met during their class the first week of our freshman year classes. The first weekend after starting class, Brianna and some of her friends, including myself, were planning on going out, and Travis ended up joining along