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Chris and Alicia

I love the story of how Chris and Alicia met, on New Years Eve in Las Vegas, you can read about them on my engagement page on my website. They were married this past November 1st at twilight. It was a beautiful ceremony with Hawaiian music and beautiful flowers. Alicia was so calm, things got a little disorganized around her and she didn't even break a sweat. "This is how I roll" is what Alicia said! She is so sweet... Chris had a surprise gift for Alicia, he had Alicia's mom give it to her while she was getting ready. The beautiful necklace she is wearing is what Chris gave to her. What a sweet man!! Together they are perfect. Alicia's mother did all the flowers for the wedding, in which turned out breathtaking. During the reception Alicia sang Chris a love song, who knew? Beautiful and talented. I wish them a thousand years of happiness!