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~Ranch Wedding~

OK I love how this wedding turned out. It has been a long time since I have done a western wedding, on a real working ranch, with great light and a beautiful couple. So Katelyn and I played phone tag for a couple months before we actually had a chance to talk and set up a time to meet. We decided to meet where the wedding would take place, Old MacDonald Ranch. Now a point of interest, without knowing when talking to Katelyn, she is the cousin of my husbands cousin who is part of the Old Mac Donald Ranch history. Go to their website to read the history of the ranch, which has been a part of my husband's cousin's family since the 1950's. Jason and Katelyn were married on March 27th at the ranch. It was a bit windy on this afternoon, the only thing to complain about. Everything was perfect!! Katelyn and her bridesmaids were so beautiful, along with some very handsome groomsmen. We had a lot of fun walking around the ranch taking pictures. Jason and Katelyn were up for anythin