Monday, January 3, 2011

Bring it On, 2011

Well can you believe 2010 is over and it is now 2011? So many people were ready for 2010 to end, a tough year for many. I try to be positive in my post's and on fb, but I will say the 2010 was a turbulent year for my family. My husband is in the construction business with his family and if you do not already know, Phoenix was hit very hard in the construction field since the economy falling. We have had to work together and be very creative to manage and manage is what we have done! When thinking back over 2010, I have so much to be grateful for. Along with the bad there was some great deal of good. We will start with the Jessica Claire workshop I attending back in February.
It was life changing! Not in a ahhhh kind of way but in a knowledge kind of way. I learned so much and can see a difference in my work all the time. I also met some wonderul photographers there. Even though it has been almost a year since the workshop I still hear Jessica in my head when approaching a wedding, "start wide then move in for details". It was worth my time and money to go. Check her website out.

Next The Black Eyed Peas concert I took the boys to in March.

Ok I love the Peas and I love Fergie!! I wanted to go and went ahead a got tickets for my husband and two older boys to go with me. The older boys were just tagging along. Well after that concert they are big Pea fans. It was such a great experience to have so much fun with my boys and husband.

Now there was our trip to Europe!! A trip of a lifetime that we all got to experience together.

We spent some time in Venice and then cruised the Greek Island. I know, we are so lucky to have had that experience. We still talk about.

Then there was the trip to San Diego for work. I went to San Diego to take pictures and dragged my boys with me. Although I shouldn't say drag they all wanted to go and we had a blast! Saw the best Sunset of my life while on this trip. Yes I know big statement, but very true. Judge for yourself. Some other wonderful things that happened, we took a trip to Mexico with family. My oldest son started his Senior year of High School and my middle son Morgan is now a Freshman. William continues to flourish in his art classes. My business is keeping me busy! I continue to meet wonderful couples that make a impact on my life. Wow, see,you look back at 2010 and I really have nothing to complain about now do I? I am so in love with my husband and so adore my boys! They are my life!Happy New Year to Everyone, may 2011 be your year. Looking back 2010 might have been mine.