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Two Different States, Two Different Girls

 This is Becca, a beautiful, smart, talented little lady who is a senior this year.  Becca's mom Lynea is one of my dearest friends.  Lynea, Brian (her husband) and I go way back to 1989.  We met while living in the Bay Area of California.  It was the big earthquake that brought us together and we have been friends ever since.  Lynea and Brian moved to Colorado shortly before I moved to Arizona.  I love going to visit them whenever possible.  This past July I was lucky enough to squeeze in a quick visit to photograph theirs son's engagement pictures and Becca's senior pictures.  We started in Boulder and didn't let the rain stop us, well eventually we did, ha, then finished in downtown Colorado Springs.  I absolutely adore Becca, she is one special little lady!!  Seriously less then a week later I was in California visiting my family and was able to squeeze another beautiful senior Hannah who happ