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Let the Journey Begin

 Here is a follow up about my son Miguel and his enlistment into the Navy.  Since my last my post the time dragged and then all of a sudden his leave date was upon us.  For the most part in the last few months my emotions had settled down. Miguel was very busy with school and spending time with his friends, girlfriend and of course us his family.  We had a lot of last time for this moments, for example we all went out for sushi, we all went to see the Avengers (super fun movie), last time with Miguel on taco night etc...  the picture above is his last beef dip day with his friends, May 23rd the night before he left.  For the past few years we would have beef dip day at our house for Miguel and his buddies.  They claim I make the best beef dip in town!!  About a week before Miguel's leave date it was starting to hit me, one week left.  It was especially hard because Miguel had so many people he wanted to spend time with in the last days to come.  I wanted to be selfish and say &qu