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~George and Catherine~

I met Catherine just about a month before her wedding and truly liked her instantly. When we met she came alone and was so calm about her wedding and what she was looking for. I was pleased she booked me and looked forward to working with her and meeting George. When I got to Catherine's house she was again very calm and taking her time getting ready. That is when I met George for the first time, he to was very calm taking his time getting ready. The wedding was very simple, two people in love getting married. Once the I do's were said the rest of the afternoon looked like the next few images. Giddy, smile's, more smiles of joy. I loved watching them and would get caught up in the moment. Had to remind myself to take pictures:-) Catherine looked so beautiful, very classy and George so handsome, movie star couple status I would say. Again, more smiles, giggles and glances. It was so special to watch, I mean to take pictures of.;-) To look over the pictures one would not noti

~One Special Lady~

Are you tired of me talking about San Diego yet? I'm not done, meet Heather!! Heather is not only BEAUTIFUL, she is also very intelligent, sweet, talented and kind. I've known Heather since she was about 9, she lived across the street from me. She also would babysit my children and when she was a young adult started to assist me at weddings. Heather is a very talented photographer herself. One day Heather got married to Ryan, then had a little man named Preston and now is expecting another lil man. I am so proud to have watched this wonderful lady grow up into such a BEAUTIFUL woman. Heather I adore you! Such a beautiful and wonderful family!! Love Preston's hair. This is how the day ended. This is really what the sky looked like, God's work is a amazing.

I Love This Family

Meet the Berneburgs and their bunch. They are the reason I was in San Diego to begin With. Nancy had mentioned she would like family pictures while at the beach and I was all for it. Nancy is my bff!! I have so much fun when I am with her and her family. Now meet the Suman's the Berneburg's friends. They vacation a lot with each other and decided to have some family pictures done as well. This last picture is of the entire group. They were so much fun to be with, I didn't want to go home and not because it was 116 back in Phoenix.. Thanks Nancy for allowing me and my children to hang and eat your food while in San Diego, we all had a fabulous time and want to do it again next year.

San Diego Begins

This would be Karen's family, the first set of pictures I took while in San Diego. Karen is my good friend Nancy's sister, Karen has also taken several of my photography workshops. It was fun for me to meet her family. They were a fun bunch to spend time with, they all got along so well and were laughing the entire time, and yes they really are this beautiful.