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Shawn, Ingrid and Elayna in Parks!

Shawn and Ingrid hang their hat in Flagstaff and are getting married in Sedona next March. When they hired me to be their wedding photographer they asked if I wouldn't mind doing the engagement pictures in the Flagstaff area? Of course I do not mind! While up north with family I noticed all the fields of wild flowers and checked with Shawn and Ingrid to see if they would like to do the pictures in the fields? Of course they said "yes"... I had so much fun. They brought their daughter Elayna with, she is adorable, notice her having a good time while we were busy taking pictures! After the wild flowers we went to the train tracks. While on the train tracks taking pictures a train started to come our way. Elayna was so cute in letting us know "Train is coming, get off the track!" Thank you so much Shawn and Ingrid for trusting me with my ideas for your engagement pictures! We are going to have a great time in Sedona for you wedding!