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Chris and Angela's Beautiful Wedding at Windmill Winery

 Chris and Angela's wedding was perfect at the Windmill Winery !  Misti and I had such a great time photographing this wedding.  Everything was right on time and the weather was beautiful.  Just a little side note:  Windmill Winery is a little bit of a drive for me, but I think the venue is worth it.  Plus Misti and I get a little girlfriend time during the drive and talk, talk, talk.  I would love to share with you Chris and Angela's story in Angela's words. Chris and I met at Whole Foods in San Francisco, he was a security guard and I was a cashier. This nice security guard kept helping me put away baskets and would even walk me to the bus stop every night to make sure I got on the bus safely :). Eventually he got the nerve to ask for my phone number and the rest was history! We explored San Francisco together and eventually as a couple became involved with our church. February of 2013 Chris moved to Phoenix to pursue his police career, and for almost a year we d