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High School Sweethearts Finally Married

Alex and Sarah fell in love in high school and are finally married at the Anthem Country Club . I want to mention how outstanding the customer service was at Anthem. The staff went above and beyond for Alex and Sarah. Example: Sarah can not wear heals on the golf course so Julie (staff member) would help Sarah wipe the grass off her feet after we were done taking pictures on the course and would help her put her heals back on. Alex, football player, Sarah cheerleader, dated, went to prom, fell in love. The American love story come to life. The emotion on Sarah's face Say's it all. O.K. I might over exaggerate a bit, but I put my life on the line for this next picture. Right now here in Arizona the weather is starting to warm up, you know what that means? Rattlesnakes come out of hibernation. I have seen many around my house and know where and where not to go during this time. Well notice the lovely wild desert surrounding the lake? Rattlesnake heaven. I had to walk