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Drew and Tahnee Travel From South Dakota For A Small Beautiful Wedding at Gainey Suites In Scottsdale

 Would it surprise you to know that more and more people are traveling to AZ for their destination wedding?  Why would it?  Where else are you going to find sunny temps of 85 in the month of February?  That is exactly what the temps were when Drew and Tahnee said their I do's at Gainey Suites Hotel in Scottsdale AZ, traveling from South Dakota.  It was a perfect day, perfect wedding.  Tahnee was simply beautiful and Drew very dapper.  This couple was very easy going and extremely pleasant to work with.  I must mention that the staff at Gainey once again went out of their way to make sure everything was wonderful for the couple.  Let me share with you how Drew and Tahnee met. Drew was a friend of Tahnee's sister Shelby, they had known each other for a couple of years through mutual friends.  Tahnee was visiting Shelby one weekend and tagged along with her to an engagement party for her old college roommate.  Drew was also there with some friends.   Drew and Tahnee started c