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Tyler and Amanda Visit the Old West

This beautiful young couple wanted to go to Goldfield Ghost Town for their engagement pictures.  Where is it I ask, never been there?  In case you are wondering the same think it is located at the bottom of the Superstition mountains.  You can go to their website to read the history of the town.  Tyler and Amanda picked a great location, we had a great time!  Love the old buildings and the old feel! Tyler and Amanda are so young and in love, fun to be around.  We had some great light, dark clouds, then the rain came in. I have to say thanks to Tyler and Amanda for introducing me to another wonderful spot in Arizona!

Emilie at 6 Months

I was so excited when Shannon asked me to take pictures of Emilie at 6 months.  We kicked around ideas of going somewhere outside, but decided to do them in my office.  I got a hold of some wood flooring and put it down just before Emilie arrived.  I LOVE how her pictures came out.  She is such a little beauty!!  Thank you Shannon for this opportunity!

Central Coast Beauty! P.S. This is my 200 post on my blog!!

The first week in August I took my boys home to visit my family and friends.  Home could be Atascadero or Templeton, I spent a lot of time in both towns.  Generally I refer to home as the Central Coast.  Located exactly half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles.  This is where my photography career started.  My first wedding, family pictures, I even shot my little sister's senior portraits in 1987.  When I heard my friend Claire was looking for someone to shot her daughters senior pictures I gave her a shout out.   Claire's family and mine go way back.  I mentioned to her that I would be in town and would love to take pictures of Kate. This is Kate, a senior at Atascadero High.  She is one beautiful teenager, very sweet!  I have to mention this fence.  I asked Kate to lean on it and was demonstrating to her how it should look.  Well it was an electric fence!!!  Yes, I got electrocuted, funny, I think so.  I was just happy that I touched the fence bef