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Finally Casey and Kinsey

Officially caught up from vacation and now am posting pictures from this incredible couples wedding. Casey and Kinsey (even their names are cool) were married on May 29 at the Tempe Center for the Arts. First time at the Tempe Center for the Arts and let me say it is an amazing place for a wedding... When I first met Kinsey and Casey to do their engagement pictures I fell in love with just how sweet they are to each other and yes they are so beautiful. They had not hired me for their wedding at this point, but shortly after their engagement session I got an email asking me to shoot their wedding pictures as well, I was so thrilled knowing it would be a spectacular day and I wanted to be there.:-) Now you might ask who is this little beauty? This is Harper, Casey and Kinsey's 4 month old lil miss. She was all smiles. Just a little gift from Kinsey to her man Casey and the groomsmens for while they are getting ready. What a gal... This is where the ceremony will be held. So very