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I LOVE Engagement Shoots

 I love doing engagement pictures, one of my favorite!  I really love doing engagement shoots in spring time in Arizona!!  No, it does not always look like this but when it does it is gorgeous.  Meet Ryan and Kelsey!  Super cute, fun, sweet couple.  I had so much photographing them for their engagement pictures and can not wait til their Sedona wedding.  Ryan and Kelsey met in high school through two of their friends.  Their good friends were dating and introduced them to each other. Kelsey remembers her friend telling her about Ryan and describing his hair (it was a pretty unique curly afro, which she thought was so cute). Kelsey remembers their first date was at the movies.  It was pretty funny since their parents had to drop them off, being only 15!  Kelsey started watching Ryan's high school baseball games soon after and became quite a fan.  Ryan and Kelsey have been dating ever since.  It is pretty amazing they have gotten to turn 16 together, graduating high school togethe