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Fun On a Friday Morning With Alfonso and Staci

I have meet with Staci several times to discuss the details of her wedding to Alfonso. In that time that I have gotten to know Staci I've discovered she is a total sweetheart. Alfonso had been out of town due to work during this time. One thing that caught my attention about Staci was how excited she was for me to finally meet Alfonso for their engagement session. Staci is very proud to be Alfonso's fiance. Staci met Alfonso one night while hanging at the Rusty Spur Saloon, so we took some pictures at this location. There were a lot of what one might call outtakes, Alfonso could just look at Staci a certain way and she would bust up laughing. Which had Misti and I laughing along with them. What a fun way to spend the morning taking pictures of a beautiful couple. We do need to say thank you to Saba's Western Wear for letting Staci and Alfonso do their outfit changes in their tiny bathroom. Since it was black Friday they were open early. Wouldn't you say that Alfonso i