Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Interupt Wedding Season to Bring You Little Miss Morgan

 I've known Morgan for a few years now, she use to date my son,still a friend of the family.  She is Little Miss Morgan to me, although not so little anymore.  Growing up into a beautiful lady.  Little Miss is a senior at Sandra Day O'Connor this year and asked if I would take some senior pictures of her.  We have this idea of going to a farm for some country looking pictures, but in my travels on the freeways in town I spotted some cotton fields.  Yes, I know right next to Westgate an outdoor mall there are cotton fields.  So this is the first part of Little Miss Morgan's senior pics.  Stay tune for the farm pictures. 

Little Miss was a trooper in walking through all the cotton to get out in the middle.  As I was following her the thought of critters entered my mind.  If I was a snake I would love to live in the cotton fields.  I love this last picture of Morgan's boots, I did a little photoshop on her legs to try to cover up all the scratches form the cotton branches.  We had a great time!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tempe Center for the Arts Kind of Wedding

 I was already looking forward to shooting Tim and Brandee's wedding, but this picture of the wedding dress say's it all as to what kind of day it was, perfect!!  How could it not be perfect with a dress like this, not to mention the shoe's, flowers, all the Little details Brandee made sure to add and for it all to take place at the Tempe Center for the Arts!!  Rain, what rain?  Yes, there was a lot of wind and a classic AZ dust storm, but none of this stopped the day from being perfect, just added to the creativity.. 

 Tim and Brandee saw each other before the ceremony so they would have more time with their guest at the cocktail hour.  Brandee asked if we could some how get a picture of them looking at each other at the same time.  I love how this came about.  We had Tim at one side of the curve and Brandee at the other, ready, set, GO!  Brandee was so excited, I think she jogged a bit.

Tim and Brandee are such a beautiful couple.  Tim so very handsome and Brandee so beautiful and elegant.  They both love the camera, would'nt you say!!

 This room is so beautiful at night, I had to capture it at both angles.  Love how all the lights dance on the water surrounding the building.
 Tim and Brandee went into the reception room during the cocktail hour to see how all their hard work looked.. Amazing!!  While in there they took a practice turn on the dance floor.. Super sweet couple.
Tim and Brandee are a really sweet couple and I've enjoyed working with them tremendously.  While watching them through out the day I would get a little emotional, feeling so blessed to be the one to photograph their wedding! Misti was my second shooter, let me tell you, she did a fabulous job!!  I should also give a shout out to all the other vendors that made this day perfect for Tim and Brandee.  Pastor Mark Faul was FANTASTIC...  A ceremony filled with laughter and love.  Tony Caldwell the DJ for the night also did a great job keeping the reception moving so smoothly.  Then there is Sterling Event Design, working with Carrie and her team.  They did a meticulous job making sure that everything was again perfect and it was!!  Tim and Brandee thank you for allowing me to photograph your special wedding day!  Brandee I need to also mention how grateful I am with all your information you would email about college's and scholarships for my son!