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Joey and Faressa One Classy Couple

So I already know that I will probably over use the word love in this post. Here we go, I love, love this couple. Joey and Faressa are so in love and happy, it radiates off them like fire. I felt so lucky to be the photographer at their wedding, to witness such chemistry between them and their family and friends. So here they are getting ready for the day. This first image is Joey with the boys, ladies this is what they do while you are spending countless hours getting ready. Dena I knew that you would love her shoes, so posted this image for you. There were so many special moments like this between Faressa and her mom. I loved watching them. Special mother daughter relationship. Faressa is ready to go see Joey for the first time on their wedding day. Joey and Faressa were married at Regale , a spectacular wedding venue. I was so impressed with the staff, they made sure everything was perfect for their bride and groom. Just look how beautif