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Burl and Katie, Match Made In Heaven

Burl is from Georgia, Katie from Phoenix! Only God could have brought these two beautiful people together. The outdoors and horses is what this couple has in common so what better place to say "I do" then at Pioneer Village . Can I just say how impressed I was with everyone involved especially Katie. All the rain, wind and mud didn't dampen her or any one's mood. It was a beautiful ceremony in a 1800 chapel and the reception held in an old Opera house. It all suited this couple perfectly and made for amazing wedding pictures. Can I please give a big shout out to Lyric who did an amazing job on Katie's hair!! Did I mention that Christa, Katie's older sister is a past bride along with Lyric Christa's BFF for 30 years. Needless to say I was looking forward to being a part of this very special day! We could not have staged this breathing taking double rainbow any better. Katie took of to live in Georgia with Burl literally the next day. Burl and Katie than