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Sean and Kayla's Fun Engagement Shoot

 Meet Sean and Kayla, super cute, sweet couple.  Now something interesting about this sweet couple, I photographed Kayla's moms wedding back in 2006. What!!  What an honor to be asked again to photograph for this family.  I would like to share with you what Kayla wrote for me on how they met.  You never know when you’ll meet the person who will change your life and become your soulmate. Sean and I met at the Strawberry Festival in Pinetop, AZ and life changed forever. It was a weekend of pure luck as Sean was covering for a friend selling CUTCO knives at the Festival, and unfortunately I had been let go from my job that weekend and was there with my family. As my mo m and I were walking towards Sean’s booth, and my mom said, “check out that guy, he’s tall!”  I eventually gathered up the guts to go talk to him…or maybe my Mom gave me a little push!   I remember joking with my mom telling her “he could be my souvenir”.   Later on, we walked by again and he waved me over t