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What Love Is All About

Little Ayden!! What love is all about, the little babies that steal our hearts. We do things, say things we never thought possible for our children. Our heart's feel like they can't handle the amount of love that we feel for our children. One of the most amazing experience's one can have. All this and more is what Will and Ashley are going through with their newborn Ayden. I've know Ashley for sometime now. At first she was a cute gal who worked at Postnet and had a boyfriend named Will. Then she was a beautiful bride on the beach in Cabo just Married to her now husband Will. Now she is a wife, teacher and a new loving mommy to baby Ayden. Will and Ashley will be the best parents ever. I am so proud to know them and to watch them grow into what life is all about. A loving family to laugh, share and document wonderful experiences with. Congratulations Will and Ashley!!