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Speical Love Between Alan and Ashley at Firerock

 When I met Ashley and Alan for the first time it was to take their engagement pictures.  Up until that moment I had only been in contact with Ashley's dad.  It can be a little awkward meeting under the circumstance for the first time of me photographing you kissing and hugging.  It was not!!  First of all when they walked up it was like someone told them that I love J Crew so dress accordingly.  They were so well put together with style.  It was very comfortable and easy going.  After our photographic meeting I knew the wedding would be very special with a lot stylish detail.  Everything was held at Firerock Country Club .   It was spectacular to say the least.  Details, details, details that were perfect.  I'm sure I was overly impressed because I have a love affair with books.  One day I will have a library in my house, no doubt.  Bouquet's fabulous, just like everything else.