Is it 5 or 15 Minutes of Fame?

I want to say I am experiencing my 15 minutes of fame, since I had my 5 when I was 12. Stephanie help me out, what was the name of the talk show your mom took us to the tapping of in which I got to ask a question? This took place in 1979, we were in sixth grade. Teen Beat I think? I was selected to ask a question, in which now I can't remember if it was to Lief Garrett and I am thinking the host was Kristy McNichol, aggg... Anyway when the episode aired on TV I was to embarrassed to watch myself. Da I wish I would have!! On to my recent fame, I was asked to shoot the cover of the Arizona Bridal Source Guide this past spring for Kim Horn and it is out and about. This fame will last longer then 5 minutes since it will be available for the next 6 months. I am so very excited and am happy with how it turned out. It was a great and nerve racking experience! You can pick up a copy at several bridal shops around town and it will also be given out this weekend at the big bridal show at the Phoenix Convention Center. I want to say thank you to Tracy for helping me out that day, she is a experienced cover shooter.


Tracy said…
Adorable cover Mary! You shot it like it wasn't your first time!
Mike said…

Congratulations! Little sis has celebrity status. More name recognition has its benefits. Hope this brings you more work and publicity. I’ll be looking for you on “ET Tonight” and “Inside Edition”.  Good job! 

Mike said…
Hey Mary,

Nice shot! Can I pull rank as your oldest brother and get an autographed copy?
I’ll be waiting.

Kathy W. said…
Mary, wow! The cover is beautifiul. You captured a really sweet moment. I'm always amazed about your talent. You have so much pride in your work and it shows.

Kathy W.
Skulltrooper said…
good job mom! Your almost as famous as me ;) jk. I am very proud of you and the cover looks amazing :)
MARY!! (That's my homie..yea) Beautiful job.... as ALWAYS! Your such a talent! Outstanding!

Always your BFF!
Barb said…

The cover is absolutely beautiful. This should bring you more business than ever. You might have to hire your mom to lug your equipment around for you, Ha Ha. Good Job!!


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