Devin and Cathryn at Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak

 I first need to say thank you to Care of Sterling Event Design for hooking me up with Devin and Cathryn. Working with Care is always a great experience, she is so good at her job.  I first met Devin and Cathryn for their engagement pictures at ASU, that is where their love story started.  We had such a GREAT time working together that I knew the wedding would be just as awesome.  First impression of this couple is FUN...  of course cute and in love but they really are fun together.  During their engagement pictures they showed me all their favorite spots at ASU and they even took me to where all the magic started, the dorm where they met.  Devin and Cathryn were married at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak and it was fabulous.  Really everything was perfect!  One thing I want to mention is how happy Devin looked the minute he saw Cathryn walk down the aisle.  It was so sincere and sweet.  From that moment on anytime he looked at her his smile was so big and sincere.  They are such a special couple.   


jls said…
Great pictures! I wish you all the luck in the world! Much love, Mom Schneider (Marian)
Ruthie said…

a quick note to tell you how much we are enjoying devin and cat's wedding pictures! you did an amazing job; painless and fun. usually I am on the other side of the camera, and appreciate the hard work involved.

thank you!

devin's mom, ruth schneider

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