Angella and Mario's turn at LOVE!

 I first met Angella while photographing her very good friends wedding.  Angella was the Maid of Honor.  Misti and I agreed right away that Angella was the best MOH ever.  We even referred to her as "you know Angella, the best MOH ever".  When Angella contacted me to photograph her wedding I felt so honored.  Angella and Mario are such kind, respectful, faithful people.  They compliment each other perfectly.  I was excited yet nervous about their wedding, I wanted to do a perfect job for them.  Their ceremony was an amazing experience.  Angella is a school teacher and she had invited all her children to the ceremony which was a catholic service.  All the children that were there went through communion proudly.  It was so special and took a long time, because there were that many children there that truly love Angella.  I've never witness anything like it before, it was very touching.  This wedding was simply put very elegant and incredibly fun!!  Everyone danced and partied all night at the reception.  Just a wonderfully fun group of people.  You do not run into people as special as Angella and Mario to often.  I feel blessed to have been able to capture their amazing wedding for them.  They sent me a Christmas card so I'm thinking I've gained a couple new friends and couldn't be happier!! 


Mario Herrera said…
Love it! Love it! Thank you for all you did for us! Tear jerker!
true said…
So beautiful Mary and sounds like such a sweet wedding!!

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