Ryan and Stephanies Beautiful Wedding at Villa Siena

 Stephanie and Ryan!  What a beautiful, young, special, creative couple they are!  I loved photographing their engagement pictures and of course their amazing wedding.  How do I explain the connection I have with them?  Stephanie and Ryan are very good friends with my son's new in-laws family.  Not only that, my son and Stephanie were on the swim together in high school.  Getting to know Stephanie and Ryan through photographing them has been a great experience.  Even through emails with Stephanie you sensed how kind she is.  This lovely couple have been friends since high school then started dated several years after.  They compliment each other  perfectly.

  On the wedding day when I walked into the room where Stephanie was getting ready I was blown away by her beauty.  I kept saying to Misti "she is a beautiful bride".  It was raining most of the day, but neither Stephanie nor Ryan seem to let it bother them.  I was so happy when it stopped raining just after the ceremony and we could take advantage of the beautiful grounds Villa Siena had to offer.   Thank you so much Stephanie and Ryan for allowing me to photograph your special day! 

 This above image made me laugh.  I thought it was funny how Ellen (on the tv in the background) and Stephanie are both laughing.  I did eventually ask if we could turn the tv off.:-) 

 I wanted to try some things with Stephanie's veil.  She was so ready to take it off.  Thank you for keeping it in just a little longer!

 They hand made all these music sheet flowers!  Incredible!


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